Celebrate Recovery

Tommy Reshel 501-287-7720 & Tim Clark 501-940-2786


We meet every Thursday in the sanctuary. Free dinner starts at 6 PM, Lesson starts at 7PM. Bring yourself, we would love to see you. 



Do you have a hurt, habit or hang-up that is hindering your relationship with God? The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to fellowship and celebrate God's healing power in our lives through the eight recovery principles found in Beatitudes and Christ centered 12 steps. This experience allows us to be changed. We open the door by sharing our experiences, victories, and hopes with one another. In addition, we become willing to accept God's grace in solving our life problems.

By working the Christ Centered steps and applying their Biblical principles found in the Beatitudes
, we begin to grow spiritually. We become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others.

As we progress through the principles and the steps, we discover our personal, loving, and forgiving Higher Power-Jesus Christ.




Things We ARE:

* Safe place to share
* Refuge
* Place of belonging
* Place to care for others and be cared for
* Place where respect if given to each member
* Place where confidentiality is highly regarded
* Place to learn
* Place to grow and become strong again
* Place where you can take off your mask
* Place for healthy challenges and healthy risks
* Possible turning point in your life 


Things We Are NOT:

* Place for selfish control
* Place for therapy
* Place for secrets
* Place to look for dating relationships
* Place to rescue or be rescued by others
* Place for perfection
* Place to judge others
* Quick fix



Small Groups


Small Groups WILL:


  • Provide a safe place to share your struggles, fears, hopes and victories with others who are going through a Christ-centered recovery.
  • Provide you with a leader who has gone through a similar hurt, hang up or habit.
  • Provide a leader who will facilitate the group as it focuses on a particular principle each week.
  • The leader will also apply Celebrate Recovery's "Five Small Group Guidelines", ensuring a safe and annonymous place to share.
  • Provide you with opportunities to find accountability partners, and/or a sponsor to encourage and guide you through the program.
  • Encourage and support you on your Celebrate Recovery journey!

Small Groups Will NOT:


  • Attempt to offer any professional clinical advice. Our leaders are not counslers.
  • Allow its members to attempt to "fix" one another.
  • Small Group Guidelines:
  • Keep your sharing focused on your own thoughts, feelings. Please limit your sharing to 3-5 minutes.
  • There will be no cross talk, please. Cross talk is where 2 individuals engage in a dialogue, excluding all others. Each person is free to express their feelings without interruption.
  • We are here to support one another. We will not atempt of "fix" another.
  • Anonymity and Confidentiality are basic requirements. What is shared in the group stays in the group. The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others.
  • Offensive language has no place in a Christ-centered recovery group.


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